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Diabetic Test Strips: Sell your Extra Strips


When you have diabetes, you need to be monitored constantly. This is why all diabetics own a kit for blood sugar testing. Lots of them buy or perhaps get supplies coming from different brands of test strips and if they already chose one, they just left the other boxes unused. Test strips has relatively short shelf life therefore, it must be used immediately. Instead of throwing unused diabetic strips in the garbage why not sell them to other diabetic patients for a minimal price so you can have cash.


Diabetic patients can really relate how expensive these test strips are and because of its expensive price tag, there are lots of patients who are of low income or don't have extra cash to buy diabetic test strips that cannot buy their own but really need these supplies. In case you have a lot of extra diabetes test strips, you can either donate them to organizations that provide supplies to those low income diabetics or you can sell your extra test strips to other diabetic patients at a very affordable price.


If you are the legal owner of these test strips, you can definitely sell them. Anybody can purchase diabetic test strips whether there's a prescription or not. In short, if you purchase them yourself then you can freely sell them to those in need. Now, even if you can read sign on the box "not for resale" or perhaps "mail order only", still, you'll able to resale them since it only means that retailers cannot sell them, click to know more!


However, there are things to consider when selling your extra diabetic strips. First, you need to make that they are not expired, have broken or damaged seals. Second is that it's not from Medicare supplies. You should sell only test strips from a quality brand, in very good condition and most importantly acquire 6 months minimum from its expiration date. If you meet all those requirements then you're good to sell your extra diabetes test strips. Know more about diabetic test strips in http://edition.cnn.com/2006/HEALTH/10/16/glucose.strips.reut/index.html?eref=yahoo.


Aside from getting cash from your unused test strips, you will be able to help those diabetic patients that cannot afford the whole price of such strips if they buy it in pharmacies. There are lots of ways to sell your extra test strips, you may sell it through online or maybe ask your friends or colleagues if they know somebody who needs test inexpensive strips, click here to get started!